L A W   F I R M

Hereby our support services for those companies, which were founded with our assistance, reach much further than the notarial act.

So, we offer, amongst other things, a yearly update about the latest developments in the law of limited liability companies (GmbH) and also about specific liability changes of the adjustication for the chief executive officers.

All lawyers have specific experiences and knowledge in the fields of general private law (law of contract, law of succession, family law etc.), law of sports, industrial relations law, commercial and company law as well as in the field of law regulating the succession within companies and in the field of criminal law.

In the case of contacts with foreign countries we greatly benefit from our relations to law firms abroad with which we are on friendly terms - some of our lawyers speak several languages.

Our fees are mainly charged on the basis of competitive hourly rates, which would means for our clients:
You pay for our service as lawyers and not for high overheads.

Furthermore, our notary's office is known for its excellent consultancy work and its competent processing in the field of immovable property, marriage settlement and solutions under company law.

R.A. Lange is co-author of the practice-manual
"Der GmbH-Gesellschafter - seine Rechte
und Pflichten"

Lange  Müller  & Coll. / April 2012