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Law Firm
Wolfgang P. Lange
Günter Müller

Elisabethstr. 4-6
DE-44135 Dortmund


Phone 0049-231-528586

USt-IdNr.: DE124680332

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Law firm Lange Müller & Coll., Elisabethstr. 4-6, DE-44135 Dortmund, Germany

Responsible person as defined by § 6 section 2 Media Treaty (MDStV):

Wolfgang P. Lange, Elisabethstr. 4-6, DE-44135 Dortmund, Germany

The law society to which our law firm is allocated to is as follows:

Rechtsanwaltskammer Hamm
Ostenallee 18

DE-59063 Hamm

We are members of the law society Hamm and we are registered and authorized to practise as lawyers in Germany.
All persons referred to as lawyers on this page hold the title "Lawyer of the Federal Republic of Germany". For lawyers the following regulations governing the law of profession are in force:

      Federal Regulations for Lawyers

      Regulations of Profession

      Law regulating the Remuneration of Lawyers

  Federal Scale of Charges for Lawyers (up to 30 June 2004)

  Regulation for Specialized Lawyers

  Professional Regulations for Lawyers of the European Union

These rules are to be found on the homepage of the BRAK  (Federal Law Society) under "Angaben gemäß § 6 TDG" (details according to § 6 Teleservices Act).

The individual pages of this Internt Domain serve the sole purpose of providing general information rather than offering legal advice in specific cases. Liability, therefore, can not be assumed for specific cases regarding the content of individual pages.

The contents of the pages of this Internet Domain partly stem from third parties which do not permit any further copying or dissemination. Pages on which references are made to sources or origins do not represent the legal opinion of the lawyers Lange Müller & Coll.. Copying or the dissemination of these pages or their content is only permitted after prior written approval of the lawyers Lange Müller & Coll. and only in connection with details of source and date.

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